Thesis Research

My research focused on an exploration of how the identity and environmental design of a business, whether created intentionally or not, attracts customers because it affirms aspects of the customer's self concept.

In order to test this theory I created two surveys to evaluate consumer reactions to retail exteriors and interiors, conducted consumer interviews, and developed retail design case studies. As a result of this research I developed many rich insights into consumer motivation related to branding, environmental graphic design, and store layout.

Graphic Design

I conducted primary research for a wayfinding and signage program for downtown Kent, Ohio. The process involved first surveying the area to identify the major wayfinding elments outlined in Kevin Lynch's Image of
the City.

In addition to designing representative elements for the signage program, I identified a sample message schedule and sign location plan.

Download the process book for this project here.

Thesis Paper

Full text of my thesis is available here.